Juvenile Court

Juveniles, people under the age of eighteen, can be charged with a crime.  Their cases go to the Juvenile Court in the county in which the crime was alleged to have occurred.  However, the language is different because they are juveniles.  

Individuals charged are referred to as “juveniles” and not defendant.  An individual enters a plea of “denial” instead of “not guilty”.  An individual “admits” the charges instead of pleads “guilty”.  If convicted, an individual is found to be a “delinquent juvenile” instead of found “guilty”.  

Generally, jury trials do not occur in juvenile court, instead all trials, or adjudications, are heard by the court.  Potential penalties in juvenile court range from drivers license suspensions, fines, probation and community service to counseling or placement in the local juvenile detention facility or placement in the Ohio Department of Youth Services.  

Some charges and depending on the age of the offender can be “bound over” to common pleas court where the individual is then charged as an adult.