Our Legal Services

Attorney Jones handles a diverse set of cases across federal, state, and municipal courts. After more than 15 years practicing law, he has represented thousands of clients, with support from his office manager Catherine. Here are many of the legal services that Attorney Jones can provide:

United States District court

Northern District
of Ohio

Attorney Jones has defended clients in Federal Court with charges ranging from bank robbery, possession of child pornography, and gun trafficking to white-collar crimes and insider trader.  Attorney Jones is also certified to practice in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. 

State & Municipal Court

In State and Municipal Courts, Attorney Jones handles a large number of diverse cases.

Rule 20 certification

With Rule 20 Certification by the Supreme Court of Ohio, Attorney Jones is certified to serve as co-counsel for death penalty cases.

Jury Trial Experience

With fifteen years of jury trial experience, Attorney Jones has represented clients accused of aggravated murder, burglary, robbery, arson, rape, weapons, drug and RICO charges.

Diverse Case experience


Additionally, he has represented clients charged with domestic violence and violating protection orders, and he has petitioned and defended civil protection orders.


Attorney Jones is well-versed in defending OVI (operating a vehicle under the influence) cases. As a former prosecutor himself, his clients benefit from his insight into the perspective and approach of prosecutors and law enforcement.


Attorney Jones represents clients in Juvenile and Family Courts regarding juvenile delinquencies, removal cases, paternity, child support and visitation.  He also has extensive experience in handling sensitive divorce cases.   

Other Legal Support

Attorney Jones advises clients on options related to SCRAM bracelets, halfway houses, rehabilitation facilities, and work release programs. 

He also regularly assists clients in petitioning a court for sentence reduction through judicial release, sealing a record of conviction or bail, obtaining driving privileges, and much more.    

Conveniently, the office of Attorney Erik E. Jones accepts personal checks or credit card payments with a small processing fee.